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Massively Multiplayer War Sandbox Foxhole Players are 'Striking' for Better Logistics From Developer Siege Camp

They're refusing to supply ammo and resources to the front lines.

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Foxhole is a massively multiplayer online war game where hundreds of people work together to affect the outcome of a persistent online war. It’s a sandbox so every player and every team affects the outcome of the effort. Now, some players have formed a group called Logistics Organisation for General Improvement, or LOGI, and, after requesting the developer Siege Camp address some desired fixes and frustrating elements, have gone on a type of strike in the game.

These players are unsatisfied with the state of the game and believe that “the current state of logistics has become a threat to the overall health of the game“. So they are pushing back against some rules and changes to systems within Foxhole by the developer that are causing the frustration.

Because the mechanics support this, it’s notable. Some of their complaints include that the hold time for factory orders is too short or that pull times from public stockpiles or refineries are too long, and stacks don't merge so uncrating materials from stockpiles can be slow and inefficient. 

LOGI originally requested a response on actions from the developer by January 10th, but since that didn’t work, what they are doing is a general strike where about 1,800 players will stop contributing to the supply chain during what times that they are otherwise active. Because it’s a sandbox massively multiplayer war game, the effort needs re-supplying. The supply chain, as in the real world, needs people to keep it running. If players can’t get ammo and resources to the front lines, then players can’t do much at all, let alone win a war. Of course, this likely frustrates other players too but it’s about making a statement.

Because of the sandbox mechanics and the fact that interdependence is extremely important to Foxhole, it means that this type of player strike for changes and better logistics is possible. Much of the time when a company makes updates to a game and players are not satisfied, they might have to complain but can’t necessarily do too much about it unless the developers choose to listen. But in actively impacting the online experience for everyone, it’s a new angle.

For more, you can visit the LOGI site or Foxhole for more on the game.


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