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Massively Multiplayer Sports Game Riders Republic Is Out Today

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Riders Republic, Ubisoft's extreme sports MMO, has released today across PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, as well as Stadia and Amazon Luna. The massively multiplayer game places players in a massive playground where they can ski, bike, snowboard, and more against each other.

Riders Republic has been somewhat overshadowed by the release of Far Cry 6 earlier this month, but the multiplayer sports title boasts multiple sports players can participate in against each other. The game is propped up as a massively multiplayer sports game, with 50 player races as well as competitive 6v6 modes to test your skills against others online. Riders Republic is set in an open world, though the various sports activities will take players to different locales, all inspired by US National parks like Zion and Bryce Canyon.

We previewed the title back in August, with our writer (and current reviewer) Steven stating that Riders Republic was the "best extreme sports multiplayer online game by a steep margin," a throw back to Ubisoft's prior winter sports title, Steep. Steven also praises the work Ubisoft have done to recreate the world of Riders Republic, specifically calling attention to the fact that the studio took real elevation data to recreate places like Yosemite.

You can check out Riders Republic on the official website. The extreme sports multiplayer online game has released across the Xbox and PlayStation familes of consoles, as well as PC, Amazon Luna and Google Stadia. We'll have our review soon as servers begin to populate and we're able to test out the multiplayer aspects as they are intended to be played: with people.


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