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Massively Multiplayer Space Economy Sandbox Prosperous Universe Launches This Week

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This week, Prosperous Universe will launch on Steam on April 20th. This follows seven years of development on the massively multiplayer economy sandbox. 

This is a player-driven game from top to bottom, where you are the CEO of a spacefaring company. What you do with this is your call. choose to explore the galaxy, establish diplomatic relations, design a series of spaceships, and of course, given the economy sandbox part, engage in production and trade. These are the basics for the game, which will launch in both a free to play “Trial” version, which was announced back in 2019, and with a Pro version that grants more permissions on many of the game’s features. Free accounts can have only two ships in flight at the same time, while subscribers can have an unlimited amount. 

When the game does launch on April 20th, the in-game universe will become persistent. Players will be able to leave their permanent stamp on things moving forward. In the run up to launch, the team has been expanding the systems, like being able to become a planet’s governor and select programs that will help with their goals and strategies. 

There have been new map overhauls, allowing searches for resources, and updates that let you set different taxation amounts for different categories. Overall, the economy side of things is at the center, which is not surprising, given the game’s title. The universe may become persistent, but it’s the players who are going to see whether or not it’s prosperous for them.

Simulogics’ economic space simulator will be available for PC and Linux, with a planned Mac version to come. The original browser-based version will continue to be supported and mobile UI as a companion option .

You can find out more about Prosperous Universe and the most recent pre-launch updates, as well as a future features outline, over at the official site.


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