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Massively Multiplayer Persistent Sandbox War Game Foxhole Goes Live Today

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Today’s the day when massively multiplayer persistent war game Foxhole goes live, exiting Early Access into full launch.

Foxhole’s  shard start times have been posted by developer Siege Camp, along with starting conditions for each shard. Since Foxhole places you in a group of hundreds of players that will affect the outcome of a persistent war,  the start times do matter, because players will begin loading up into the persistent online worlds, with one intended for advanced players.

The first two shards, Able and Baker, will go live today at different times with different starting conditions. Baker will go live first today at 12 PM Eastern with War 25, which is a continuation of LIVE-2. If you've played during Early Access, then this is a continuation with the same historical war number. This shard is recommended for new players or experienced ones.

Able will open up at 2 p.m. Eastern with War 96, a continuation of LIVE-1. This one is recommended for advanced veteran players of Foxhole  who are ready to jump right into advanced competition right off.  Since this one is intended for experienced players, especially as a sandbox, following those guidelines is going to be extra important, since the game is player-driven, and players make all the decisions that affect the outcome of the persistent, long-term war, you’ll need to be ready to go if you play on this shard.

Should there be more demand, a third shard is potentially coming. That one would be  Charlie and also recommended for new or returning players, so if you are an advanced player and you've been playing Foxhole for a while, head for Able.

With the launch comes a patch that will bring update to constructing bases, additional materials, the train system, new cranes and vehicles, and more features to help you get started and create your version of the ongoing war.

For more on the updates, read the notes at Foxhole


Christina Gonzalez

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