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Massive Theft from Circle of Two Lights Up the EVE Sky

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Judge, once an integral part of one of EVE Online's biggest alliances (Circle of Two), has just perpetrated what many believe is the largest theft in the game's history. The Judge has since joined The Imperium alliance and dragged along about 1.5 trillion ISK as well as a "captured enemy HQ" once belonging to GigX, the leader of Circle of Two.

GigX didn't waste much time to retaliate by trying to get The Judge's personal information published publicly. However, CCP has since permanently banned his account.

The Mitani, a rather loud voice within The Imperium, wrote, "Aryth and The Judge send their regards -- Prepare for a PR-style hellcamp -- Hictors needed on deck -- Vengeance -- VENGEAAAAAAAAANCEEEEEEEEEE".

The Judge brought the largest assets to The Imperium, but did hand over Fortizar citadels to TEST Alliance, yet another arch-enemy of Circle of Two.

Members of Circle of Two are being encouraged to join up with The Imperium, something that's doubtless pretty attractive these days as many were storing items aboard the captured craft and they are unable to access their items.

The Judge took part in a Reddit AMA, so you can read first-hand some of his thoughts about why he did what he did and what the future looks like beyond his recent announcement that he'll be joining Goonswarm.


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