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Marvel's Avengers Will Add Bucky Barnes, The Winter Soldier After 2.6 Brings Villain Sector and Balance Passes

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According to Marvel’s Avenger’s Lead Designer Brian Waggoner, there’s more coming for the game, which has seen a recent influx of new players, and later, Crystal Dynamics confirmed the game’s next new playable character will be Bucky Banes, The Winter Soldier. 

Speaking to Forbes, Waggoner confirmed that with the game newly made available via Xbox Game Pass and the new PlayStation Plus tiers, there has been new attention on the game and “significant growth” for an active player base. With the game available as part of those subscription, and a while after making some important updates and fixes, those moves have been good for Marvel's Avengers.

He also confirmed that patch 2.6 will arrive in September and move the story forward. There will be a new Villain Sector, and the story involves Monica wanting to reboot M.O.D.O.K. This will be the second time you take on Monica as you try to stop her plans, and Waggoner promises a challenge similar to your first encounter. This, patch will include some changes that will buff heroic ability damage more and have stagger happen less often. 

Yet it’s the 2.7 update that may be worth the most attention. Jane Foster arrived to tie in with the recent Thor movie release, and the first new hero to come since her will be Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier. Awhile back, there were some leaks that suggested that The Winter Soldier could be a future hero, but there was some speculation that She-Hulk might be added due to the new Disney+series.

The announcement doesn't come with many details, The development team is still finalizing his combat and design, but he will come with an assault rifle and Waggoner confirms that influences from Captain America or Black Widow might be noticable. However, he will have a full set of his own abilities.

Update 2.7 doesn't have a release window except for some time before the end of the year, but it will also include the cloning lab and finally give you the opportunity to take on M.O.D.O.K. 

Read the update over at Marvel's Avengers.


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