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Marvel's Avengers - Spider-Man Announced, Exclusive to PS4

My Spider-Sense is Tingling, Exclusively

Steven Weber Posted:
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In a move that was announced, then retracted, then announced again, Spider-Man will be part of Marvel’s Avengers, but exclusive to the PS4 version. As with the Hawkeye reveal, Spider-Man is the second character that has been announced as a post-launch character.

Questions are abundant regarding how Square-Enix, Sony and Disney determine how Spider-Man will be used, as Sony still holds Film Rights, though doesn’t determine Spider-Man’s use in other forms of entertainment. It is clear that this exclusive character is ruffling some feathers out there in the Gamerverse. While this get is big for Sony’s Playstation 4 and the upcoming Playstation 5, many fans of the Webslinger are hoping that this exclusive is only a timed, temporary exclusive.

Square-Enix currently has a global marketing deal with Sony, which appears to be the main culprit in the perceptual favoritism of this (and many other) releases. At this time, as with anything in the comic book universe, just because something seems dead doesn’t mean it’s pointless to hold out hope. For now though, Spider-Man will continue to be a Playstation Exclusive character until announced otherwise.

The beta for Marvel’s Avengers is just a week away, which starts early for Playstation Pre-Orders. Whether you choose to buy it on the PS4 or Hulk Rage about it, let us know in the comments.


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