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Marvel's Avengers Roadmap - Content headed to the Game Through 'Summer and Beyond'

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In the Square Enix stream a glimpse of Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel's Avengers roadmap gave a glimmer of hope to players hoping they’d get to see what content is on the horizon. The roadmap depicts some content headed to the game throughout Spring, and additional content that we’ll see in the Summer and ‘beyond’.

The content roadmap begins with the latest Operation, Hawkeye: Future Imperfect, which released today. The next content update, Tachyon Anomaly is set for some time later this Spring. From the picture included, it shows different variants of Iron Man in a single frame. Does this mean that we’ll see multiple players, playing the same characters in a group? Maybe! In the video for the Tachyon Anomaly event, it looks as though multiple Hulks are battling at the same time.

One of the features most players have clamored for, is the ability to play the characters they want in groups, and if another player is already playing your specific character, it prevents you from matching with those players. Could this change allow Crystal Dynamics to circumvent that issue, allowing groups to be more easily created? Perhaps.

Other features headed to the game, but not on the roadmap list are:

  • Omega Level Threats: Cloning labs
  • New Gear / Increased Level Cap
  • Tachyon Anomaly Event
  • New Villain Sectors

While we don’t have any specific dates on anything mentioned in the stream, many players may just be happy to know changes and updates are on the way, as Marvel’s Avengers hasn’t exactly been repulsor blasting its way to the top of the charts. As was previously reported, Marvel’s Avengers, just a few months ago, failed to make back its development budget, falling short 64 million dollars in development costs.

Since then, and according to Square Enix investor calls, Marvel’s Avengers has been increasing in their digital sales, but with an extreme, dwindling player base over the past several months, Square Enix may still be a far cry from the game recouping their development budget, despite Square Enix as a whole still remaining profitability overall. With the new updates on the way and the recent announcement of Black Panther: War for Wakanda it may bring enough players back to see a resurgence of Marvel’s Avengers in the future.


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