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Marvel's Avengers Posts State of the Game Blog - Offers Freebies to Show Appreciation

Some Delays, But at Least You're Appreciated

Steven Weber Posted:
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Crystal Dynamics has released their State of the Game for Marvel’s Avengers that they had mentioned was on the way, and would answer a lot of questions players have had over the direction the game is headed in. Championed by Scott Amos, the Crystal Dynamics Studio Head, the blog also goes over many “areas of impact” – essentially issues the game has had that Crystal Dynamics has been working to improve.

The long blog parses out a lot of information, most, if not all of which, has been previously reported on. Many of the features mentioned in the SOTG have yet to be implemented in game, including the Ping system, the Reassemble Campaign Replay, and better Offscreen & Ranged Enemy Attack Indicators. Some other areas noted in the blog, such as matchmaking, crashes, and rewards have made some modest leaps, but have yet to fully hash out all of the problems that have plagued the game since beta.

Crystal Dynamics has still pointed that launch is only the beginning of Marvel’s Avengers, but as the game is quickly weaving into its 3rd month of the live game, players have all but abandoned playing, with peak player counts on Steam cooling from the initial roaring flame, to a mere smolder. Despite the exodus of players Crystal Dynamics believes players will come back, and they’ve opted to entice everyone playing with an appreciation gift that is planned to go live October 22nd until November 5th and will include:

  • Credits: 1500 – Enough for a Legendary Skin and Nameplate from the Marketplace      
  • Units: 7000      
  • Upgrade Modules: 250      
  • DNA Keys: 20      
  • A Sarah Garza-Inspired Nameplate (Because seriously, you’re the best.) 

The blog also touches on end game, noting that late game efforts are currently planned around 3 avenues.

  • Mega Hive
  • Tachyon Missions
  • Omega Level Threats (Raids)

Tachyon Missions and the SHIELD Substation Zero went live yesterday, and adds a new form of gameplay, built around Tachyon Rifts. The timed rifts require that players keep on their toes and collect orbs that increase the allotted time within the rift, constantly picking them up while also completing the objectives, lest they fail the mission. They also point to the cloning lab, which has yet to be released, and future character content, like Kate Bishop, who was originally planned to release in October (unbeknownst to many) but is now being pushed to November at the earliest.

Another notable tidbit of information, the optimized next gen version of Marvel’s Avengers that was originally slated to be available at launch for Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 has been pushed back to 2021, opting for players that wish to play on the newer consoles, to essentially play the backwards compatible version of the game. With a lot of the information in the SOTG having already been reported on previously, and most of the upcoming content being delayed, it all paints a very telling picture of Marvel’s Avengers service readiness post launch.


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