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Marvel's Avengers Players Speak Out Against Red Rooms Outfit Set Paywall

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Marvel’s Avengers is back in the news as its players are upset over the Red Rooms Outfit Set being placed behind a paywall from its Red Room Takeover event.

This event started recently, kicked off by an event called Rooskaya Protocols. This event saw you fight off various hordes of Synthoids. This then allowed you to collect Protocol Chips. These chips would let you unlock certain event animated nameplates for various heroes.

Additionally, it brought about a new costume set called the Red Room Outfit set. However, this new set was placed in the marketplace, and thus behind a paywall. This means it wasn’t a reward with the event, but had to be purchased using actual money.

Naturally, many players have spoken out about this on Reddit. One such thread is aptly titled, “These Event Specific Skins in the Marketplace should instead be a reward for completing it. Or at least some Credits...”

One post in that thread writes,

“I'd be fine with the insane (seriously, they're insane) prices for the regular skins if they made the team/event skins farmable in-game somehow.

CD, you're making a huge error of judgment here. There's no incentive to play since you're asking us to grind content for UM/Poly, which is what we've been doing since game launch. This "event" is a dud. Instead of grinding specific content for Poly/UM, your "event quest" is literally having us grind specific content for poly/UM. That's not an event. That's how we've been playing the game the last few months now.”

As of this writing, Marvel’s Avengers Steam player counts is extremely low, usually hovering around the 1000 player mark, according to Steam Charts. And while the team recently saw the arrival Brian Waggoner join their ranks, this follows their Creative Director Shaun Escayg, leaving Crystal Dynamics and returning to Naughty Dog.

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Poorna Shankar