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Marvel's Avengers Patch V1.4.1 Adds Minor Artifact, Stability Improvements, More

Plus known issues

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Patch notes for Marvel’s Avengers patch 1.4.1 are here and point to new minor artifacts and more.

While the patch has already released on PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam, Stadia timing remains TBD as of this writing. Minor artifacts include two ISO-8s and two Norn Stones. The patch also made Kate Bishop’s Harm Room replayable if you want to dive back in. Some issues were fixed here as well including;

  • Fixed an issue on Little Hits where, during the Vault sequence, an activation panel would be inaccessible. 
  • Elevators now function correctly after initiating a checkpoint reload. 
  • Fixed an issue where the War Table did not open up if players closed the objectives menu before completing the Track Mission tutorial. 

The patch also touches on multiplayer, matchmaking, art, animation, UI, combat, gear, challenges, rewards, in addition to listing a few known issues and workarounds including:

New Normal Mission - Upon reaching a point where Ms. Marvel must jump across rooftops, the camera glitches out and points upwards.  

  • Workaround: Please reload checkpoint and refrain from using Ledge Grapple or Grapple Swing until prompted to do so.   


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