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Marvel's Avengers Patch 1.7.0 Brings Champion System, Gear Drop Changes, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The latest patch for Marvel’s Avengers is here and brings several new features and improvements with it. These include the Champion System, gear drop changes, the Red Room Takeover, and more.

The patch was recently released across PlayStation, Xbox, Steam, and Stadia. Among the new features is the Champion System which sees players over level 50 earning XP to improve combat abilities. When you reach level 50, any XP you earn from that point onward will be Champion XP. This XP is hero-specific. Earn more of this Champion XP to unlock more Champion Skills.

The Red Room Takeover event is arriving today. If the words “Red Room” sound familiar, it’s because it was at the forefront of a recent controversy between the Avengers team and the community. Essentially, a unique outfit was placed in the marketplace, thus behind a paywall. Players naturally didn’t like this. You can read about that here.

Elsewhere in the patch notes, Marvel’s Avengers received a swath of changes and updates to multiplayer, matchmaking, user interface, combat, gear, challenges, rewards, in addition to a list of known issues and workarounds.

Some gear-specific changes include:

  • All chests have had Minor Artifacts added as possible drops.
  • Gold chests will no longer award common items.
  • Bronze and Silver Chests have a reduced chance at granting a Common item.
  • Branded gear has a better chance of giving that Brand’s preferred attributes.
  • Some missions have had fixed rarity rewards replaced with rewards that scale the rarity to the active heroes’ current Power Level.

You can read the full patch notes here. Late last month, it was announced that Marvel Heroes’ Brian Waggoner would be joining the Avengers team. You can read about that announcement here.


Poorna Shankar