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Marvel's Avengers Patch 1.5.1 Brings QoL Improvements

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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In case you missed it, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamic published patch notes 1.5.1 for Marvel’s Avengers. The patch notes include several quality of life improvements for the struggling live service, in addition to new features.

This patch is basically a follow up to Patch 1.5 which contained a new operation, Hawkeye, a new villain in Maestro, and much more. One of the big updates with this patch was the XP rework, which proved to be quite controversial. This update effectively made the game grindier.

This patch 1.5.1 brought several QoL improvements for multiplayer and matchmaking, UI, combat, and more. Some of these patch notes include:

  • Strike Team members will now see a rock wall in the Days of Anger mission right before entering Maestro’s lair at the same time the hosting player does.  
  • Various matchmaking optimizations and improvements.
  • Tutorials and Message of the Day notifications no longer overlap.
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes enemies would float in air when stunned near a wall.

As mentioned above, Marvel’s Avengers recently released their Hawkeye content release which saw the Avenger enter the fray. It also included a new operation called Future Imperfect as an homage of sorts to The Incredible Hulk arc. In fact, we spent some time with the content and you can read our impressions and concerns for the game here.

The team also recently revealed a roadmap for “summer and beyond”. This roadmap began with Hawkey and is set to continue with a Tachyon Anomaly update for later this spring. This perhaps indicates the ability to have multiple people play as the same character. There were other features included in the roadmap including:

  • Omega Level Threats: Cloning labs
  • New Gear / Increased Level Cap
  • Tachyon Anomaly Event
  • New Villain Sectors


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