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Marvel's Avengers Latest War Table Talks New Content, Sort Of

Status Quo Assembled!

Steven Weber Posted:
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The weekly War Tables for Marvel’s Avengers have been ongoing for a little while, and in the latest War Table, the team wants to reassure players that they are listening to feedback, and are working diligently to implement fixes and content as fast as possible.

The lackluster War Table appears to be largely status quo, with no new updates to the game, aside from the introduction of this week’s priority missions. The update also includes the modifiers players can look forward to for their Mega Hive run, and once again outlines the benefits of running the Mega Hive, which is a feature that has been largely panned as a monotonous single-player experience, despite several reward updates throughout the course of its release and evolution.

Several marketplace additions have been made as well, with the addition of the Green Gladiator Hulk skin, which many players were clamoring for, and was an essential reskin of the previously, and largely available Grey Hulk Skin. Marvel’s Avengers has seen better days, as has previously been reported by our team, despite Crystal Dynamics attempts to bridge the gap with players by providing more communication, in lieu of any actual content.


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