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Marvel's Avengers Latest War Table Announces Kate Bishop Release December 8th

A Tale of Two Birds

Steven Weber Posted:
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Marvel’s Avengers has had a tumultuous post-launch, but in the latest War table, Crystal Dynamics gives a release date for their first new character, Kate Bishop. The bow-wielding, purple wearing, female Hawkeye will have her own story that will kick off Season 1’s new chapter.

The first post-launch arc is called “Operation taking AIM” and will focus on Kate as she attempts to find and recover Hawkeye, while also uncovering an AIM plot and dangerous new enemy, the Super Adaptoid. The team points to the Super Adaptoid fight as being a multiplayer only encounter.

The team also outlines in the War table the next character after Kate, which is the original Hawkeye, Clint Barton, in release titles Operation Future Imperfect. No specific details were given on the release of Operation Future Imperfect apart from its availability hitting somewhere in early 2021. In the short trailer for Hawkeyes content, Maestro is seen talking to Hawkeye, which points to the possibility of a very apocalyptic focused storyline.

Marvel’s Avengers has recently had a significant drop in active players, despite attempting to increase communication with their remaining player base. Hopefully the Kate Bishop storyline will bring players back.


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