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Marvel's Avengers Latest Blog is Overshadowed by Looming Post-Launch Character Release

Hulk Smash Puny War Table - Want Kate Now

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The latest Marvel’s Avengers War Table blog essentially toed the line, teasing upcoming releases while staying true to this week’s mild mission rollover. Fortunately, for Crystal Dynamics, next week cashes in on the highly hyped and long-awaited content release, including the new character, Kate Bishop, while hopefully bringing some necessary changes to end game.

Dubbing the next release as a “milestone” the first post-launch hero Kate Bishop will be joining the rest of the Avengers on December 8th. While the latest War Table is scant on any further, or in-depth details regarding the female Hawkeye, the Super Adaptoid, or the highly anticipated Cloning Lab, it doesn’t mean that Crystal Dynamics was all quiet on that front either.

The team will be showing off what Kate can do, which seems like quite a bit, as her kit is an ensemble of a wide range of abilities. All that being said the Omega Level version of the Super Adaptoid and Aim Cloning Lab will not be ready on December 8th. The Super Adaptoid Operation mission will still be available during the next update, but players will have to wait a bit longer for the raid-like end game players were promised prior to launch.

Marvel’s Avengers has had quite a rough start, as has been acknowledged by the team itself, as well as Square Enix, who has yet to break even on the project and expects further DLC to bolster funds to a more sustainable and profitable game.


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