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Marvel's Avengers Free Weekend Sees 10k Concurrent Players

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Marvel’s Avengers has seen a new jolt of life this past weekend on Steam as a free weekend climb past 10,000 concurrent players.

To say Marvel’s Avengers has had a chequered last few months would not be entirely inaccurate. After launching last year, we (along with pretty much everyone out there) realized every character has their own battle pass, on top of the standard battle pass purchasable for the game.

In fact, we wrote shortly after Marvel’s Avengers’ launch it was channeling that Anthem energy. At the time, we wrote,

“There is just a mountain of bugs plaguing Marvel’s Avengers. Everything from basic functionality like matchmaking being broken to terrifyingly bad situations where people are having all of their progress reset are issues presently in the game. Did I mention that this live service game is using client-side saves? Yeah, that’s a huge problem.”

Marvel’s Avengers has been pretty dead on Steam since peaking at 31k shortly after its launch last year. In fact, according to SteamDB, peak concurrent players rarely surpassed 1000 players. That all changed this past weekend which saw a 24-hour peak of 10,224 players.

As of this writing, that number is holding steady. You can check out the player count and Twitch viewer numbers here at SteamDB. Only time will tell if this was just a bubble, or if this performance can be sustained.

Keep in mind, the next expansion for Marvel’s Avengers, War for Wakanda, is set for release later this month on August 17. Considering that’s only a few weeks away, it would be interesting to see how player counts fare between now and then.

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