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Marvel's Avengers Explains Upcoming Cosmetic and XP 'Rework'

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The latest news on the next big update to Marvel’s Avengers headed to the game on March 18th comes in the form of a Cosmetic and XP Rework.

The XP Rework, which is causing some waves in the community at the moment, means to lengthen the time it takes to level new characters. According to the Crystal Dynamics balance team, the static XP line to progress from level to level led to pacing issues, and players received skill points “too fast” which the development team deemed as too confusing and overwhelming for new players.

To fix the problem, increasing your level after level 25 will be slowed by enacting a leveling curve. The changes will only affect Character Level and not the speed at which players increase their Gear Level.  The development team encourages players that are hoping to level their current roster quickly, to level 50, to do so before March 18ths patch.

In addition to the XP rework, a Cosmetic Rework, which will change the way some cosmetic items are obtained, will also be implemented. To enact the changes, they are temporarily disabling random cosmetic item drops. They have stated that players won’t lose anything they’ve earned currently (nor should they). The cosmetic vendor will still be open, with updated outfits and nameplates.

More information is on the way about the upcoming changes in the next patch, where Hawekeye will also be joining the team as a playable character. 


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