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Marvel's Avengers Dev Acknowledges Lackluster Launch, Outlines Pandemic Hurdles

Marvel's Avengers Needs a Hero

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Most people that have played Marvel’s Avengers at launch, are probably sitting around, twiddling their thumbs while they await an iota of new content worth playing to hit the game. In a few lengthy developer responses on reddit by war zone director Phil Therien, details emerged about what is being worked on, and some challenges the team faced.

The pandemic has hit production in many industries across the globe, but in the recent reddit posts by Phil, the words chosen to describe their hurdles was measured, but indisputable, that the pandemic played a part, along with California Wildfires in causing some friction and delays in production. Phil points to the team’s objectives as getting out the two new characters, Kate Bishop and Clint Barton (the Hawkeye’s) with some work being done on content much further down the line, but was not able to provide any actual release dates.

 The team is working primarily on all things Kate/Clint along with bugs and QOL issues. A small group is working on new things that won't be ready for a while and when Kate and Clint are done more people will move over to new things. There's a small group working on a better version of loot which won't be ready for a while as well. We also have a small group working on content drop that can be executed with existing assets which is how we get things like Tachyon missions.

The sad fact of the matter is, reports have floated in that Marvel’s Avengers may have ‘lost’ Square Enix somewhere above 50 Million dollars in development costs up to this point, with Steam players seeing a dramatic drop in concurrent players, by nearly 96%. The past few War Tables were mostly status quo, providing little to no new information, after the team recommitted to providing a more consistent communication schedule.


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