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Marvel's Avengers Breaks Down What's Coming in Update 1.5 - Campaign Replay, Hawkeye and Maestro

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Over the past few weeks Crystal Dynamics has divulged more Marvel's Avengers information about what we can expect from Update 1.5. In an infographic released on twitter, it outlines many of the positive features that players can look forward to when the update launches on March 18th.

The upcoming update will provide a substantial number of features, including the Future Imperfect storyline that will introduce Hawkeye as the next playable character. Below is a bullet list of upcoming features:

  • A new Operation: Future Imperfect
  • Hawkeye joins the team as a playable character
  • The storyline will pick up where Kate Bishop’s left off
  • New Villain, Maestro will be introduced
  • New are to explore: The Wasteland
  • PS5 and Xbox Series X Versions Release with Upgraded Graphics
  • Camaign Replay will be available
  • Harm Room Customization will be added

The Crystal Dynamics team has been teasing several costumes for Hawkeye over the past week, including a Ronin costume that has many players excited.

On the list of features that have plays substantially less excited, is an XP/Leveling rework, that aims to add an additional 5 or more hours of leveling content, increasing the time it takes to level up. From the discord:

“There is so much variability in how quick you can gain XP (level types, mission selection, etc…), but the end result of our tuning was meant to add around 3-5 hours to reach the maximum level in total. This means leveling at a steadier place around every 2-4 missions at the upper end."

-Crystal Dynamics Team

It’s also too early to tell what else we may see in the update in the way of fixes, but the team also stated that a gear revamp is also in the works. While it’s unlikely we will see that in the next update, we may still see some additional longstanding bug fixes and performance tweaks.


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