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Marvel Snap's Latest Balance Patch Ends Professor X's Reign of Terror

Casey Bell Posted:
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Second Dinner’s dropped the latest over the air balance update for Marvel Snap and it’s a doozy.

Professor X has been a menace in the meta for some time now and even after a number of nerfs, Second Dinner just hasn’t been able to get him under control. To make matters worse, Cannonball has been his partner in crime and contributed significantly to Prof X’s prevalence in the meta.

This latest balance update unambiguously solves the issue by changing Professor X’s ability so that cards can be moved (or move) in and out of his location. This instantly creates anti-synergy with Cannonball who would effectively help the enemy by moving a poweful card into X’s location. It also just makes the Professor a much worse card since there are plenty of movement cards in decks that aren’t focused on movement. Cards such as Vision, Nightcrawler, Nocturne and so on will have no issues getting into X’s location.

Hela also caught a significant nerf in this update. Now, cards she resurrects will return with -2 Power. Luke Cage, who can negate this change, is likely to become a staple in Hela decks.

For even more details on the patch, head over to the official Marvel Snap website.


Casey Bell