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Marvel Realm of Champions Receiving Transmog in Next Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Mobile brawler Marvel Realm of Champions has received game update 4.0 bringing transmog into the mix and more.

Transmog is among the many new updates with 4.0 and lets you change the appearance of your gear. But, just as with any transmog system, you’ll maintain the stats and synergies of that transmogged gear.

As to how transmog works in Marvel Realm of Champions, you’ll need to unlock appearances irst. Whenever you receive new gear, you’ll progress towards unlocking its experience. You can likewise use blueprints to complete that progress. Blueprints can be earned with daily objectives, Summoner’s Journey, and more. Transmog requires Essence to use.

The game update also touches on world quests, alliance events, a new weapon, weapon generation updates, gameplay improvements, new synergy sets, balancing, and bug fixes with improvements.

These bug fixes and improvements include:

  • AI improvements
  • Fixed an issue where projectiles could miss very close targets
  • Fixed an issue where the B.O.D.O.K. would be take targeting priority when it is shielded
  • Fixed an issue where Champions and the camera could get stuck in the knocked-out state
  • Fixed an issue where bouncing projectile visuals could warp to the wrong location
  • Fixed several cases where a Champion could temporarily become hidden
  • Menu updates
  • Balance changes
  • Performance optimization

Gameplay improvements include:

  • Aiming indicators in combat have received visual improvements
  • New visual effects added to capture area in Arena Conquest to make it more visible
  • When using thrown weapons, like Super Soldier’s Vibranium Shield, the appearance of the thrown weapon will match the weapon that is equipped
  • Gameplay HUD improvements and optimizations

Check out the full update notes here.


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