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Mark Jacobs' 'Final Stand: Ragnarok' Opens for First Access

What exactly is First Access? Read on.

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Remember Final Stand: Ragnarok? Mark Jacbos of Camelot Unchained published a newsletter announcing that Final Stand: Ragnarok is now in First Access. Here’s some information.

First Access is effectively a “stepping stone that leads to the game’s Early Release.” It seems, therefore, that First Access is before Early Access. What exactly is Final Stand: Ragnarok? It’s described as an action-style, co-op match and lobby-based PvE game with potentially 1000 players against thousands of NPCs or players in the same real-time battle.

The First Access will include 10 player-matches with a test group size of 4 to 20 players. The newsletter outlines a few champions called Aella the Amazon, Bjorn-snur the Berserker, Gwen the Spearmaiden, Jalb al-Sulh the Peacemaker, and Yuki Ice-Demon.

During First Access, you can except to see new questing content, updated combat, glamor content, additional battlefields, and an updating of dialogue, timing, and voice work. Mark Jacobs also specifically speaks to those backers of Camelot Unchained and their potential frustration by writing,

“The Backers of CU, the vast majority of those who have been waiting so patiently for Camelot Unchained and were quite surprised to see us talk about this game. For those that have kept faith, you will be rewarded both with the things I talked about earlier this year and also with the continued focus on CU. If FS:R is the success we hope it to be, even more people will be hired to work on CU only and your turn to see your game go LIVE will be shorter than you fear it to be. “


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