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Mark Jacobs Discusses Camelot Unchained Progress in Recent Live Stream

Also addresses Final Stand: Ragnarok Reaction

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new Camelot Unchained live stream from Wednesday saw Mark Jacobs discussing the latest progress on the game all the while social distancing.

Mark touched on the backer testing underway for Devout Classes, noting his intent to have this particular build of the game available for Alpha-level backers. He mentioned this upcoming weekend as a timetable, but that could potentially change.

Also discussed was a new island RvR scenario which was originally revealed in February. Mark also made it a point to talk about the “BSC goals.” These goals are comprised of several guiding principals, stats, and implementation details. To that end, Mark mentioned that he wants to ensure that these features are indeed delivered.

Perhaps interestingly, Mark did not seem to shy away from previous fan reaction to Final Stand: Ragnarok and his eventual apology. Indeed, he actually invited those people to hop into Camelot Unchained to see the progress being made in the MMO. You can watch the full stream below.


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