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Mardi Gras Event Arrives

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Mardi Gras has officially arrived in Pirates of the Burning Sea. While the real world equivalent doesn't arrive until March 8th, PotBS players will have the opportunity to participate in the event and even score themselves a peacock pet as a reward. The full patch notes that include the Mardi Gras event have been released on the official site for those who like to know all the details!


  • Join the Mardi Gras celebration by entering Mardi Gras Bayou between Biloxi and New Orleans. You can visit the Mysterious Harlequin in starter towns and capitals for more information. :)
  • Hollow Man: If you had a follow pet, you couldn’t complete this mission. Fixed.
  • The Sea Dog Slayer (French): The mission sent you to the wrong guy for completion. Fixed.
  • Empty Shadow: If you went chasing after Pierre before untying Nadine, you could end up stuck. Fixed.
  • The Finer Things: Once you completed the mission, the place where you turned it in still said “The Finer Things” even though that mission is no longer available. Fixed. The place shows up on the map because there are still missions to be found there. This fix isn’t retroactive – if you’re like me and have already done the mission, you still see the old text on the map.

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