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March Update Media Tour

Jon Wood Posted:
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MMORPG.com's Carolyn Koh recently took part in a media tour of Final Fantasy XI, showcasing the game's March updates and discussing briefly its future in the face of FFXIV.

The fears of Final Fantasy XI fans with years invested in their characters that Square Enix would no longer support FFXI with the announcement of Final Fantasy XIV were put to bed at VanaFest - the international Final Fantasy Fan Festival in Japan, in late February. The show stayed focused on FFXI, with only mention that invitations to a closed FFXIV alpha test would be extended only to FFXI players.

The future of FFXI was laid out for the fans for the year, which included raising the level cap from 75 to 99 in three stages, beginning in the summer. Three new add-ons were also unveiled to the participants: Vision of Abyssea, Heroes of Abyssea and Scars of Abyssea with the first one slated to launch this summer. Abyssea is a parallel world to Vana'diel with all new Mobs, and Mobs of notorious and high notorious levels.

Read the March Update Media Tour.


Jon Wood