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March of Sacrifices Dungeon is a Howling Good Time

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When the Wolfhunter DLC lands in Elder Scrolls Online, it will come with a pair of new dungeons, one of which is profiled today on the game's official site. The March of Sacrifices dungeon challenges players "to survive Hircine's Great Hunt". The "outdoor" instance is "a perpetual contest between predator and prey". Players will find all manner of creatures when embarking on the dungeon including "monstrous lycanthropes".

Hircine is the father of all lycanthropes and those "who accept his blessing spend eternity stalking the Hunting Grounds". As a result, players may encounter wild witches, spriggins along the way to face off against bosses such as Tarcyr and Balorgh, a werewolf champion.

“As Hircine is the Daedric Prince of hunters and stalkers in the wild, the biggest element players will want to get used to in this dungeon is using stealth and taking on the role of a hunter," explains Finnigan. “Some fights will require the use of mechanics not necessarily seen before. In particular, Tarcyr is quite different than anything we have done, and I suspect it will challenge players quite a bit."

Check out the full preview on the Elder Scrolls Online site.


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