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MapleStory's New Update Adds Guardian Angel Slime, New Events, and GeForce Now and Mac Support

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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 MapleStory gets a new boss, the Guardian Angel Slime, the continuation of the Burning World, events and more to mark “On Air Pt. 2: An Absolute Unit. Also available with this update is GeForce Now support, which expands access, including letting MapleStory be played on Mac.

The name of the update is no lie, since the Guardian Angel Slime is the leader of all the slimes. You’ll be able to find and take on the boss with characters at level 210+ that have completed the fifth job advancement. If you win, you’ll grab a new item in the Boss Accessory Set, the Guardian Angel Ring. 

If taking down the new slime is not enough, there are new extended events from On Air: Glimpse of Joy. There are new Prancing With the Stars and Maple ON AIR Gift Show! …Show! …Show! quests for level 101+. The events also include a new PvP and co-op focused series of minigames: Sky Sovereign, Puzzle Master, Maple Soccer,  and Train Conductor.

Sky Sovereign Runs  through January 11th with minimum 10 players split into two teams in a PVP event where one team aims to do as much damage to the other as possible before the timer runs out. If your team gets the most points you'll exchange those points for rewards. Puzzle Master is a  co-op event where you have 30 minutes to complete three puzzles solo or with up to two other people. Maple Soccer runs from January 12th to February 8th, and is a PvP soccer event to outscore the opposite team. Train Conductor also runs January 12th to February 8th and you deliver goods to different towns to earn points and gain XP.

MapleStory joining the GeForce Now platform also comes with this update. GeForce Now lets you play games across different devices. Now you can play via mobile or a Mac.

For more on the events, rewards, Guardian Angel Slime, and the rest of the update, head to MapleStory.


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