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MapleStory Will Get 64-bit Clients in March, Ending Support for Older Systems

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Joining a number of other games that have been modernizing their clients (and as a result, some discontinued support for older machines), MapleStory is going to be releasing its 64-bit client on March 16th. 

The upgrade comes after the team decided that the extra memory from a 64-bit client will help stabilize performance and ultimately, let the team support continued growth. The old 32-bit client was limited to about 2GB in memory storage size. This means that older operating systems will be unable to run the game after the update happens and there is no more 32-bit support.

MapleStory is the latest to get rid of older clients and support, with some of the longest-running titles looking to be able to move past support for old systems they’ve outgrown. Also in the coming update that brings the new clients will be two new options:

Memory Map Input/Output (Default: Off): When enabled, this will allocate additional memory to MapleStory in order to improve data access speeds, improving overall performance.

Max Memory Usage Limit (Default: 50% of system RAM): Restricts how much memory that MapleStory can use. A higher cap will improve performance and loading times. When the cap is reached, the system will attempt to release unused memory, which may cause performance issues.

MapleStory has been having some lag and server instability issues, so the changes should help more players get a smoother experience. 

Last week, Star Trek Online and Neverwinter became the latest to update their system requirements by ending support for Direct X 10. EVE Online made the jump to end support for Direct X 9 last month. And Guild Wars 2 has worked to add support for DirectX 11. 

For more on Nexon’s plans for MapleStory’s new 64-bit clients, see the announcement over at the official site.


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