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MapleStory Turns 16 and Celebrates With New Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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MapleStory is 16 years old and to celebrate its anniversary, the team has released an update called Hotel Maple. Several anniversary events are in store for this birthday celebration. Read on to find out.

If you have a character level 101 or higher, you’ll have access to the VIP membership at Hotel Maple. This is a special reward-earning ranking system for the 16th anniversary. If you need help figuring what exactly you can participate in, talk to the concierges and they’ll lend you a helping hand.

Once you become a VIP member, you’ll unlock the ability to earn special 16th Anniversary Points and 16th Anniversary Coins by completing anniversary missions and mini-games. You can then redeem these points and coins for various items like Membership Points, VIP Skill Points, and VIP Coupons. These will help you rank up your membership.

Additionally, membership points will let you rank your membership. You can also earn benefits based on rank shared between your characters in the same world. If you achieve the VIP Prestige rank, you’ll receive the illustrious Hotel Maple VIP Member medal.

Finally, as part of the anniversary celebrations, you can share your moments by posting your favorite game memories and MapleStory content on their Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube pages using the hashtag #MapleMemories. These posts will be compiled on the main website if you want to take a look.

If you missed our interview late last year with the production team, be sure to check it out here. We covered various topics like the challenges, balance, and more.


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