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MapleStory Receives The Fabled Melody Update

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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A new MapleStory update brings with it a new quest, mission, and mini-game. Check out what’s in store.

Dubbed Fabled Melody, it includes the Nature’s Roar quest, Sketching the Traces of Nature mission, and the Sunshower’s Sweet Sounds mini-game.

On October 16, players can take part in additional events, such as Helping Cloudie Travel, Clean Up Debris, and Collecting Nature’s Memories. Meanwhile on October 23, the MapleStory team will host seasonal festivities that include the Halloween Hasty Hunting event and Hallows Disco where players can take to the floor, dance and gain experience points.

According to a press release, The Story of Pebble and Wind events starting on October 2 include:

  • Nature’s Roar: Players who choose to accept this quest will automatically gain a completed Nature’s Roar skill.
  • Sketching the Traces of Nature: Upon taking this mission on, players will receive a Little Leaf Sketchbook to trace nature while finding event landmarks around Maple World.
  • Sunshower’s Sweet Sounds: Maplers who play this mini-game will encounter four increasingly difficult levels of memory and musicality tests, as they listen to a sequence of notes and play them back correctly for points and rewards.

Additional events available on October 16 will include:

  • Helping Cloudie Travel: In this quest, players must obtain the Small Cloud and keep it in their inventory for a set amount of time to begin the journey to the awarded points.
  • Cleaning Up Debris: It’s a race against the clock as players must attack debris monsters before time runs out!
  • Collecting Nature's Memories: Players will receive either a Sun, Moon or Cloud in this quest, as they find the correct missing fragment in order to receive awarded points.

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