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MapleStory Receives ISEKAI QUARTET Crossover Event in March 11

Limited-time cameos, quests, and more

Poorna Shankar Updated: Posted:
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MapleStory is receiving a crossover with ISEKAI QUARTET in a new event running from March 11 to April 7.

The event will feature limited-time character cameos, quests, rewards, cash items and new mini-games for MapleStory players to experience. Maplers with any character level 33 and above can join the event for rewards such as the Isekai Friends Gift Box, which includes a Hyper Teleport Rock, 2x EXP Coupon, and other items. Participants can also earn additional rewards including a chair and mount for completing special missions and an attendance check.

Maplers can also check out the Isekai Match which can repeated every 30 minutes of accumulated login time. Additionally, players can earn a Mir. Roswall's Gift Box by flipping and matching 12 cards in the mini-game. These gift boxes contain Isekai Quartet totems and more.

You can check out the ISEKAI QUARTET evenT starting on March 11th through April 7th.



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