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MapleStory Receives Archer Class, Kain

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The first part of MapleStory’s summer update is almost here and brings with it the Archer Class Kain. All this and more below.

Kain is an archer and joins the MapleStory on June 23. He’s described as a powerful archer who uses Whispershot, a one-handed weapon, alongside melee weapons from his Weapon Belt. Additionally, a new area called Cernium is now available and brings new challenges and quests.

There’s also a boost called Sacred Power which you can acquire by equipping Sacred Symbols. These symbols can be enhanced to increase Sacred Power as well as main stats. Additionally, the maximum character level is increased from 275 to 300. Moreover, the amount of EXP required to level up between levels 210-250 has been reduced which should make this less frustrating.

The Neo Summer Update brings several improvements to MapleStory. These include:

  • The V Matrix has been improved for easier use
  • Boss Battles have been improved and a new boss entry system has been added, allowing players to move to the waiting area immediately from the current channel simply by selecting the boss, difficulty and pressing “GO”
  • Skill Tooltips have been widened for better legibility and understanding of skill descriptions
  • Equipped item functionality has been improved, allowing players the ability to compare equipped items with other items linked in chat
  • The Clean Slate Scroll has been updated, and while in possession, is changed to a Pure Clean Slate Scroll to protect the item from being destroyed when it fails
  • A Notification has been added to alert players when Safeguard is automatically disabled during Star Force enhancement 
  • Meso Market trades that are in progress for other characters in the same world have been updated and can be viewed in addition to canceling or receiving trades 
  • The Meso Market’s daily listing limit has been increased to 20
  • Maplers can now purchase Mu Gong's Soul Shard from the Mu Lung Dojo Point Shop 

You can check out the trailer below. And in case you missed, it, MapleStory turned 16 in April. You can check out the details from that celebration here.


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