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MapleStory New Age Update is Here, With Major Changes, But Not Those Controversial Progression Caps

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MapleStory’s New Age update is here, with the 6th Job advancement, the accompanying (and recently controversial), Sol Erda energy power, progression changes intended to help newer and more casual players, and a slate of major changes.

The update adjusts XP from level 200 to level 260 to help players level up faster, taking into account  how  some just don't have as much time as other more hardcore players. XP adjustments were made outside of that range in order to essentially help players progress more easily. Alongside this there are daily quest improvements that also lead to more XP gains, and adjustments to Grandis to lower Sacred Power and boss entry level requirements.

Maple World and Grandis have merged after Convergence and here we are, with a new energy as a result that is important for progression going forward: Sol Erda power. The 6th job advancement is here and you manage the skills for this job through the Hexa Matrix, divided between Hexa stats and Hexa skills. There are other additions here to this major change that incorporate opportunities to enhance 4th and 5th Job skills too. 

The initial announcement of the update for the global version and the reveal of Sol Erda energy for progression was initially met with a ton of controversy. This came mostly due to certain capa on earning the new power and the effect it would’ve had on progression, with estimates showing that if capped, it would take someone about a year and eight months to fully advance. And this is for someone hitting cap every day.

A major organized boycott happened, with every major streamer and even others from outside the community coming out against the changes, and Nexon ultimately got rid of the cap for the update that has now gone live. The company intended the cap to not let some hardcore players with lots of time to run away with progression and leave others behind, but this came at the cost of some heavy gating.

The update is now live, with all of its major changes except that cap. Events will also begin soon, with New Age: Into the Abyss starting on December 13th with war on the Battleship Arteria, and even an expedition into Minar, and adventures in Carcion.

Read the release notes and 6th Job details at MapleStory.


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