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MapleStory M Gets the Pathfinder Class With Events and Bonuses, Plus Holiday Celebrations

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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MapleStory M has just gotten it’s latest class, the Pathfinder. The update increases the level cap to 250, brings new events to celebrate, and a new mini dungeon. There’s also the year end holiday celebrations.

The Pathfinder, an explorer, wields an ancient bow and is now available as a playable class. There was a pre-release Pathfinder event, but if you weren’t able to take part in that, all the support events that are taking place to mark the Pathfinders release should get you up to speed. MapleStory M and MapleStory are running a link event through January 19th, and if you reach level 70, 120, and 140 on MapleStory M with a new Pathfinder, you’ll get rewards for both games including an outfit gift box.

Also in the update there’s a new map in the Arcane River, bringing Lachelein, known as the Dreaming City with new quests, new monsters, and an Arcane force field.

And with this update coming at the end of December, there are holiday events to enjoy into the new year. I & B Burning Challenge mission event returns and it will give you not only the Ice Agent or the Burning Agent player title but daily missions. From December 22 through December 30, Mr. Kim will give you special items. Throughout December and January, events will take place at varied times in the world in the Winter Happy Village. These mini games will reward you.

From December 23 through December January 6, 2022, if you enter the event map every day for 10 minutes you’ll get an XP bonus. After you spend 10 minutes in the map you’ll get a countdown reward. On January 1, there’s a New Year’s reward. There are different missions in the Snowflake Snow Park. And from January 13 through the 27th, you can hunt and receive five wheel tickets for the 2022 New Year wheel. 

For more, head over to MapleStory M.


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