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MapleStory M Fourth Anniversary Adds Psychic Magician Kinesis Class and Lots of Bonuses

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MapleStory M is marking its fourth anniversary with a new playable class and a series of events and bonuses for the mobile MMORPG. 

Nexon is adding new content, including the newest class, Kinesis, who uses magic powers to protect the citizens of Maple World. If you create a new Kinesis, you can take him through a special growth event which runs through August 30th. Every time you hit a new milestone and complete special missions, you'll be able to progress and earn special rewards. And when you create one you'll also be able to earn extra levels every time you rank up through the end of the month.

If you play the original MapleStory, there is a way to link your accounts between MapleStory and MapleStory M and complete missions in the game on PC and then collect rewards in MapleStory M. There's also a special anniversary celebration with mini games called MTour that will run through September 7th. You'll have to explore the city and complete special quests and celebrate the anniversary with a number of giveaways and prizes. There are opportunities to return for more goodies in this, the second of the summer updates and a big one.

The new update is designed to also help players progress faster and earn endgame levels. But even if you are more casual and not looking or close to endgame content, there's still plenty of bonuses designed to get people started and in stride.

The latest update is definitely one that players will be able to celebrate with, including with the arrival of the new psychic magician. Anniversary celebrations vary in MMOs, but if you’ve played the original MapleStory or MapleStory M, then you should know what to expect from the colorful celebrations awaiting you to mark four years.

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