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MapleStory M Adds New High Level Dungeons, Including a Split Up Edge of Space

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The latest update to MapleStoryM adds some new events and some quality of life changes like character rebalances and improvements. The update has two new high-level dungeons as well as three new dungeons to a revamped split Edge of Space.

New dungeons in the Arcane River have been added and these are the high-level dungeons for level 200 and up for the first. These will be available to enter with tickets, and you’ll get five per week for free. If you clear this raid you’ll get 15 guild points. The first dungeon is Erda Spectrum and if you succeed in the dungeon you’ll get an Arcane Symbol: Vanishing Journey and a load of XP. 

The second dungeon is Hungry Muto and you have to be 215 or higher to enter with the Chu-Chu Island region quest completed. This dungeon is in three phases, and you’ll have to be prepared to hunt monsters and collect ingredients you’ll need for recipes to make before you can clear each round. If you can make all the recipes in time and clear the dungeon, you’ll get an Arcane Symbol: Chu-Chu Island and XP.

There are three new daily quests for level 140 to 170. The Edge of Space stages have also been divided by level with some new segments. Entry begins at level 170-175 for the existing Frozen in Space level. The three new stages are Forest Whirling in Space, Forest Crumbling in Space, and Forest of Judgment in Space. The latter is for 195 to 200.

Several classes have gotten re-balanced, including the latest addition, the Pathfinder. Many of the class balancing changes are focused on higher DPS and some remove some of the buffs or added extra passive statuses.

There are also a series of events going on, some of which last through February.

You can check out the full list of updates for MapleStoryM, including all event details, by heading over to read the full patch notes.


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