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MapleStory Launching Crossover Event Featuring Bugcat Capoo Next Week

Christina Gonzalez Updated: Posted:
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MapleStory  will release its next update next week with a special guest. The update features a crossover with Bugcat Capoo, and the arrival of the vegetable hating cat and his friends will open a special event with rewards and prizes to earn.

Bugcat Capoo is a blue cartoon bug-cat hybrid with six legs who is always hungry for meat, never vegetables, and getting into sometimes very weird adventures. Starting on October 6th, you'll be able to spend time with him and get yourself some rewards and buffs as you play through daily quests and more in the new event. 

There's a good chance you've seen art or gifs of the blue kitty-bug around the internet before, even if you were unfamiliar with his origins. He’s been used on stickers on Facebook and other apps. Capoo is a creation and subject of a webcomic by an artist named Yara, MapleStory M will let you spend time with him and his friends, Dogdog, and owner Lala.

Grab the quest from Cassandra via the Star Event Notifier, and get ready to help him explore Maple World. Find the tastiest food, help him explore, and if you help him and his friends out during your time playing, you will unlock various rewards. Even as you complete the daily quests during the event, Bugcat Capoo will give you stronger buffs while you’re together. Some of the prizes and rewards you can unlock include new emoticons, a medal with bonuses for a limited time, and an effect. Some cash shop items will also be out to commemorate the event, including Long Long Bugcat Capoo, a hat, an outfit, and more.

The event will go on through most of October, and players can also try their luck at the screenshot contest that runs from October 8th-22nd. Take screenshots while questing with Bugcat Capoo and submit your own best Capoo comic strip featuring your adventures. For more on the contest, and the event, you can check the official MapleStory  announcement.

Correction: 10:20am PT 10/5/2021: This story originally stated that the update was coming to MapleStory M, when in fact it is simply for MapleStory. We've updated this article and headline to accurately convey this news. We apologize for the error.


Christina Gonzalez