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MapleStory Fest Unveils New Update, New Lara Class, and Play on Mac for the First Time

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Over the weekend, MapleStory players got to spend time in MapleStory Fest, which was a virtual event once again this year. At the event, contests were held, and there were some notable surprise announcements. The new On Air update will go live tomorrow featuring live events, improvements, and a new job, the Earthseer Lara.

Along with contests and community content, MapleStory music soundtracks, 13 albums worth, have been added to all major streaming services. MapleStory is also now available to play on Nvidia’s GeForce Now service, making it available for the first time to play on MacOS. But the centerpiece of the event was the new update. 

The update that arrives tomorrow is the beginning of the rollout. Lara the Earthseer is part of the Anima and uses powers to be able to commune with Earth spirits. You’ll be able to use power to find Dragon Veins. Anima mage Lara will be officially available after December 1st, but there’s a pre-creation  event that will let you create a Lara and earn coins and rewards to level the character post-release.

Other featured  improvements in the update benefiting all players include reduced death penalty duration, pet loot range increases, and pet auto buff slots will be available. The live events will let you participate in daily, weekly, and monthly missions to gather items and earn new rewards and cosmetic items. Burning World and Tera Burning Plus events will let you level characters faster. If you create a character and select it as burningm they will get extra levels every time they level up, all the way up to 200. 

MapleStory M also got some love at the event, with a Pathfinder Class coming to the mobile MMO. Pathfinder is under a deadly curse and will use her ancient bow and shadow power in her powerful attacks. 

For more on MapleStory and the new On Air update, see the official announcement.


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