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MapleStory: Arcade Adventures is Now Live

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MapleStory players are being invited to the game to check out the new Retro World 8-bit event that is part of the Arcade Adventures update. From today through April 9th, characters at level 61+ can take part in a number of events "that take them to unique 8-bit pixelated worlds where they can hunt monsters, collect coins, practice their dodging and jumping, avoid traps and more".

Retro World event starting on March 6 includes:

  • Promote the Game!: Players will be able to hunt monsters near their level to retrieve Retro World Promo Coupons and receive coins for a special reward.
  • Eliminate Bug Monsters!: Retro World monsters will begin to appear in Maple World. Players who eliminate the monsters can acquire EXP, mesos and coins.
  • Call of the Goddess: Maplers can learn a special event skill from the ancient Retro World Goddess. As they use this skill, players will be able to earn additional coins after eliminating monsters.

Additionally, players will engage in two fun mini-games to provide crucial training for the challenges that await. Retro World also brings forth the Demon King's Tower dungeon, which is comprised of 4 stages that players must complete before defeating the Demon King boss.

Players can also channel their inner Sherlock Holmes as part of Detective Rave's Case Notes themed dungeon. Players of 175+ can travel alongside Detective Rave and will work to "uncover the villainous plot in the lawless city of Savage Terminal" while taking on new monsters. Doing so will score players a special medal.

Check out the MapleStory site to learn more.


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