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MapleStory 2's End Game to Be Overhauled

Suzie Ford Posted:
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The MapleStory 2 site has a lengthy post from Producer Jungsoo Lee to discuss big changes coming to the end game. The goal is to provide players with more options to "enjoy the variety of experiences the game has to offer". Currently, the community has been critical with the lack of content at level cap.

Major changes players can expect:

  • major changes to gear progression
  • "revamping the overall dungeon structure to enable players to choose which gear to farm" that has the additional bonus of providing a broader spectrum of activities at end game
  • Hard Adventure Dungeons are being retooled to allow players to focus on the gear they want to collect for specific slots
  • dungeon difficulty is being adjusted
  • Gear Score requirements will change
  • some dungeon bosses in specific dungeons will have difficulty reduced
  • more Onyx and Chaos Onyx Crystals will drop
  • Daily Missions will be adjusted 
  • New instruments will be added including several from the percussion line
  • Priest Skill changes
  • Maple Arena will be added

We want players to experience seamless progression with a variety of content the game can offer. Along with the new addition of Normal Chaos Raids, overall progression and requirements for enchanting will change. Please stay tuned for the update on early December to provide us with more feedback.

Read the full post on the MapleStory 2 site.


Suzie Ford

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