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MapleStory 2 to Update with Chaos Rising Featuring Tons of New Content & a Thanksgiving Fete

Suzie Ford Posted:
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Nexon has announced that MapleStory 2 has been updated with the Chaos Rising content expansion. Players can look forward to more than a few quality of life improvements, the Turkey Terror limited time event, the Maple Harvest and Chaos Raids in a pair of fan-favorite dungeons.

Turkey Terror sends players on a chase after "an enormous wild turkey" that is terrorizing the world. Taking the Defeat the Wild Turkey daily quest and completing it successfully will possibly be able to earn the Dashing Turkey Mount.

Maple Harvest will run simultaneously with players able to earn Maple Leaf coins that can be traded for items from a special vendor.

Starting today, Maplers can now join Chaos Raids in their two favorite dungeons, Shadow Altar and Moonlight Fortress, followed by the the Ludibrium Clock Tower Chaos Raid on November 30th. Chaos Raids are challenging, straight-to-boss 10-player dungeons with satisfying difficulty and incredible rewards for players such as weapons and Legendary gear including: Extreme, Rare, and Panic.

Lots of QoL improvements are coming too including a Wardrobe feature, House Size Reduction, Check Party feature, Weapon Templates and more.

Check out the trailer below or head to the MapleStory 2 site to learn more.


Suzie Ford

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