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MapleStory 2 Devs to Actively Work with the Community to Change 'Major Pain Points'

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The MapleStory 2 site has been updated with a new producer's letter that lays out the details of a new communications initiative. The 3-month project will begin soon and is focused primarily on actively working with the community to gather feedback to "make changes to the major pain points of the game". 

Developers have committed to providing commentary on a variety of proposed changes and then letting the community provide feedback. The team will consider the feedback and present its final decision. To streamline the submission and feedback process, a special microsite will be established in the coming weeks.

The major topics under consideration for the new initiative include:

  • Enchanting Improvements
  • Gemstone Upgrade Improvements
  • Socket Opening System Improvements
  • Addressing Meso Economy by
    • Adjusting Meso Sinks
    • Introducing Meso Market (with adjustments from other services)
    • Introducing Gear Trade (with restrictions)
  • Epic Pets Improvements
  • Gemstone Related Resource Gathering Process Improvements
  • And more

Check out the full post on the MapleStory 2 site.


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