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Many World of Warcraft Classic Hunter 'Bugs' Aren't & Are Working as Intended

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The World of Warcraft Classic forum has a lengthy post by the development team about bugs many players have been reporting about the Hunter class. While many of the bugs are legit and have been confirmed with fixes incoming, at least a half-dozen of the most commonly reported bugs are actually "behaving as expected".

Developers posted the list of non-bugs and true bugs to provide helpful information  to players and to "clear up some confusion around issues that were reported that are behaving consistently with the Reference client and are not considered actual bugs".

Some of the "non-bugs" players reported include traps not being triggered if a player moves over it very quickly and Scatter Shot and Freezing traps sharing diminishing returns.

You can read the full list of bugs and "non-bugs" on the World of Warcraft Classic forum.


Suzie Ford

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