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Maneater is an Open Water ShaRkPG from Tripwire Interactive

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In one of the more unusual E3 2019 announcements, Tripwire Interactive revealed more about its upcoming open water shaRkPG called Maneater. Essentially, this is GTA V but instead of a two-legged protagonist, players become razor-toothed sharks. The new trailer takes a DEEP DIVE into gameplay that sees players begin as a baby shark (now that tune's stuck in your head!) and progress through adulthood to become a legendary bull shark.

You’ll also meet Scaly Pete, the game’s lead antagonist and star of the in-game wildlife reality television show, Shark Hunters vs Maneaters. The show pits Scaly Pete, a fisherman hell bent on revenge for his father’s death by a monstrous shark, against a baby Bull Shark that was torn from his mother’s belly. These dueling tales of revenge between man and man eater play out in-game as players lead the young baby shark on its journey to become the ultimate apex predator.

Tripwire is also excited to announce that the role of the Shark Hunters vs Maneaters host will be voiced by actor Chris Parnell (Saturday Night Live, Rick and Morty, Archer, 30 Rock).

Learn more on the Maneater site.


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