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Make Sure To Craft Dauntless' Silver Sword Before Frostall Ends Next Week

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Dauntless is currently holding its Frostfall event, giving players a chance to jump in and pick up some Frostfall-themed items, build forts and hold snowball fights. But it also gives players a chance to forge a lasting item in Dauntless: The Silver Sword.

The Silver Sword is part of a series of quests that culminate in players reforging the blade to unlock the blade itself. The blade is made from pure, frozen silver and the fully upgraded blade provides quite the boost to stats when being used.

"Once you have crafted the sword, complete special time-limited quests to level it up from level one to ten. Finally, reforge it to unleash its ultimate power!

At level 1, the Silver Sword’s stats are:

  • 10 Power | +1 Guardian | 1 Defense Cell Slot | +10% Shields Gained

At max level, the Silver Sword’s stats are:

  • 120 power | +3 Guardian, +3 Warmth | 1 Defense Cell Slot, 1 Strength Cell Slot | Mod Slot | Special Slot | +50% Shields Gained | +100 Maximum Health | +10% Healing Power | Using your special continually generates Frost Sprites that grant your next attack +60 damage and minor frost damage (Max 4 Sprites)"

The kicker is that the sword itself can only be crafted and enhanced as long as the event is going on, and Frostfall leaves Dauntless on January 5th. This gives just under a week to fully enhance the sword before the chance is gone. However, you do get to keep the blade once Frostfall has ended, so it's a lasting memento (that's also rather useful) from the winter-themed event.


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