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Mainframe's Microsoft Cloud-Based MMORPG Deal Confirmed, Titled Pax Dei

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Jeff Grubb has more info on those rumors that Mainframe's upcoming cloud-based MMORPG will be published by Microsoft, confirming a title, Pax Dei, and more details.

Grubb confirmed this through his own sources. As far as details, they're light, but there are some things we can take away from this confirmation, which the Xbox team is noted as being proud of and excited for. 

What we can look forward to from the cloud-native game is that it will be accessible from any connected device. What makes a difference here is that Mainframe seems to be exploring ideas and mechanics that could only be doable in a remote server, cloud-based game. Some other details that were confirmed were concepts that the mechanics of Pax Dei will scale in terms of complexity so certain tasks you have to complete in the game might be more doable depending on where you are or what device you’re accessing the game from. Do some crafting on your lunch break but if you want to raid, it makes more sense to do it on your PC or on your Xbox.

The developers are hoping that this game can launch something new that can be really capitalized on in future development. So this is a very intricate development intended as a jumping off point. Xbox might be hoping to use the development on Pax Dei to shape future games. Microsoft has been in talks with Hideo Kojima, and hopes to sign a deal. Microsoft has already hired Kim Swift, of Portal and formerly with Stadia,  and if Microsoft does close a deal she could be working on cloud games that involve his next project as well..

Overall, the fact that they are starting with an MMORPG that will hopefully set the tone for future cloud development is promising, and we hope to learn more soon, especially if there’s an official announcement in the works.


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