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Magic: The Gathering's One-of-One Ring Has Been Found

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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The hunt is over, with the One-of-One Ring being found after a furious week of cracking Magic: the Gathering packs.

This is the first time in Magic: the Gathering's history that the trading card game maker has created a wholly unique card, with only one of these ever being printed. The card itself is a full art foil, emblazoned with the Elvish script Tengwar with the words "The One Ring" in Tolkien's Elvish language, Quenya.

The flavor text is fully flavorful, with the Ring inscription itself taking the place of what would usually be the card's mechanics. Serialized as 001/001, the Ring has garnered a ton of collector attention, driving the cost of Magic: the Gathering's Tales of Middle-earth Collector Booster boxes to astronomical prices, some costing $500 a box.

The draw for the One-of-One One Ring led to multiple companies offering seven-figure bounties, with one store in Spain offering two-million Euros and a Paella dinner. 

However, who will eventually get The One Ring (To Rule Them All) is still a mystery, but we got official confirmation it had been found thanks to a post from collectible grading firm PSA. In a post on Twitter today, the company announced they had graded The One Ring as a Mint 9, one mark away from its highest score of a Gem Mint 10.

Wizards of the Coast acknowledged that the Ring had been found, stating they're thrilled for the new Ring-bearer.


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