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Magic the Gathering: Arena Streamer Events Debut

By Suzie Ford on October 27, 2018 | News | 0

Wizards of the Coast is vested in making Magic: The Gathering Arena into a stream-worthy pursuit. To do so, developers are working with the streaming community to build customized in-game events that are tailored "to their unique personalities and play styles". These recurring events will feature "a variety of awesome content creators and wildly different game modes".

The first streamer events have already been detailed. They feature streamers "Day[9]]" and "Gaby Spartz" and will run from now through October 29th.

We're giving Constructed new house rules with Day[9]. Day[9] has always had a burning displeasure for counters and tricks. So together we created INSTA-BAN, where you bring a 60-card deck with zero instant spells in it. Instant speed effects such as flash or activated abilities are permitted, but if the spell is an instant, it is BANNED. 

We're giving Draft new house rules with Gaby Spartz. Gaby loves drafting and building ambitious decks. So together we are running a GREEDY DOMINARIA DRAFT. Draft 3 packs of Dominaria around a few unique rules in this game of Magic. Everyone can play two lands per turn, start with 9 cards, and has no maximum hand size.

Next month, players can also look forward to the addition of the Direct Challenge mode that allows players to "jump right into games against their friends by searching their in-game name before going to battle".

You can learn more on the Magic: The Gathering Arena site.


Suzie Ford

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