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Magic: The Gathering Arena Sees Big Update; New Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Set Released

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It's rotation time in Standard, and Magic: the Gathering's digital offering, MTG Arena is seeing a massive update which hopefully will take care of some long-standing bugs, as well as make room for Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, which hit today.

Innistrad: Midnight Hunt takes players back to that iconic plane last seen in the 2016 set, Eldritch Moon. The gothic-themed plane takes center stage as the Standard legal sets rotate, seeing the fairytale themed Throne of Eldraine leave the format entirely. 

The new set features new mechanics, such as a Day and Night cycle which can affect how a card is able to be played in any given match. Effectively, as a game starts it's either day or night, and flips to the other based on the number of spells cast on any given turn. The Disturb mechanic allows cards to be transformed from the graveyard, giving new life to old, defeated cards.

Alongside the Standard rotation update, bugs that have plagued MTG Arena are being addressed in a wide-sweeping patch, as detailed in an update blog on the official website. The blog highlights a few of the major bugs its addressing, including a bug that caused players to see their rank enter a "Beginner" state when reaching Mythic rank in Limited play. The team is hopeful this bug will also retroactively fix for those currently stuck in that state, though notes that if this doesn't work they are "aggressively" looking for a fix.

You can check out the full patch notes, as well familiarize yourself with MTG Arena's new Standard mechanics in the most recent State of the Game piece on the official website.


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